Why is Italy the best in swimming?

At the World Swimming Championships in Budapest, Italy surprised the whole world by coming third in the medal table, behind the two superpowers like the USA and China. The current European leadership in Rome confirms the latest sentiments: Italy is a world power in swimming.

Out with Italy in Budapest 9 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze, a total of 22 medals that consecrate the team as the top of the European diamond in this special category. Spain closed the tournament with a poor haul, ‘only’ 2 metals, one gold (won in the water polo final against Italy) and a silver. The European Championship in Rome now shows the stark difference between the Transalpines and the rest of the teams. The current medal table shows that Italy is the leader with four days to go 44 medals (17 gold), Ukraine is second with 11 medals (9 gold) and Hungary is third with 12 medals (4 gold). Italy will finish first in the medal table for the first time in its history. At this time, the question suddenly arises. Why did Italy dominate in this sport?

Fabio Scozzoli, two-time world runner-up and three-time European champion in 2011 during the World Cup in Budapest, said: “The main reason for this explosion is the development of an excellent young generation.” Niccolò Martinghi (22 years) Benedict Pilate (17 years); Thomas Secon (21 years) are examples of this development, all two-time world and European champions despite a short career. Historically, Italy has been a long-distance reference thanks to the successes of the stars. Federica Pellegrini, Alessia Philippi Or Gregorio Paltrineri, Now wins come fast. The crown jewel of the team is Gregorio Paltrineri, the Olympic champion with 12 world medals (5 gold).

Secondary Figure 1 - Italian stars at the European Swimming Championships
Secondary Figure 2 - Italian stars in European swimming

Ceccon, Martineghi and the Pilato-Angiolini duo swim to victory in Italy.

Italian stars in the European swimming championship


Frederick GrossThe FIN (International Swimming Federation) technician explains the reason for Italy’s success: “The work is the fruit of the fruit 1,500 small children Clubs in the country, with about 30,000 technicians involved,” he said, adding that the goal of the Transpine team in the European Championship was to dominate the classification.

What is difficult to explain is the great difference with our country. There are about 70,000 federal swimmers in Spain. In Italy, double, the bill reaches 140,000. The key to the growth of this sport is the money invested. 8 million Euro with Italy 37, four times more. In addition, there are in Spain 860 swimming clubs47 million people live in Spain, half of which is located in the transalpine country of more than 1,500 people. In Italy there are about 60, 13 million more. The differences are well known but this is an example of how investing money in infrastructure and giving visibility to these sports can make a world reference and shine a country and make it shine in the international arena.

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