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At midday, before Carlos Alcaraz defeated Arthur Ashe to win his first grand final, a group of reporters on the outside terrace were looking for Madrid native Martin Landalus, who will play in the junior division final this Saturday. . The 16-year-old and 1.91 height boy said that until now his main reference was the German Alexander Zverev, but now his choice has changed and Carlos Alcaraz has become the new mirror. Between one and the other, a gap of three years.

“I am very happy to pass on good values ​​to young people,” Murcian answered in the conference room about him, who already has only one victory from the New York title and number one, on Sunday against the Norwegian Kasper Ruud; “I’m happy to know that I can set an example and help him in his career. All the young people know that I’m there to help. Being in my way or what I convey on the track doesn’t make me responsible because it doesn’t make me responsible, it just comes naturally to me.”

Despite his young age, Alcaraz’s impressive professional growth has forced him to look like an adult. But he still says he’s Carlitos, the same resident of El Palmar who dreams of reaching the top and has nightmares about his friends. “I feel like I’m 19,” he says. “It’s true that I probably grew up too fast, but that’s what tennis does. In competitions I probably feel a little older, I would say more responsibilities; But once at home with my friends, family and people, I feel like a 19-year-old boy,” he added.

In the year He and Rudd (age 23) will be making the youngest US Open final appearance since the last two major American tennis heroes, Andre Agassi (20) and Pete Sampras (19), clashed in 1990. And both play by letter. Whoever wins wears number one and keeps the locker inside. The main ones. A situation that does not change one iota of his predisposition to a situation, he emphasized, well prepared. The main character understands and realizes that tennis will arrive without delay.

Miami precedent

“The truth is, I wasn’t afraid then. It’s something I’ve prepared myself for mentally and physically, to live it up and fight for great things. It’s time to recover and enjoy. Tomorrow will be the main day to prepare for the final. I’m not afraid of the last one,” he said clearly that he will follow the routines he has done the day before the heartbeat (22.00, Eurosport); That is, recovery, preparation in the hotel, a walk in downtown Manhattan with the family and a good rest, with the technical team and physio Juanjo Moreno so that everything is perfectly ready.

In just over a year and a half in the league, Alcaraz has won eight of his nine matches in five sets. A fact that does not respond to smallness. A tennis player imbues himself with work ethic and team work discipline. He trains alongside his trainer Juan Carlos Ferrero and Moreno himself during sessions in the gym.

“I believe in myself and my game, and I try to be new physically. I think in all [los partidos a cinco sets]Or, for the most part, I’m physically and mentally well prepared. I lost to Berrettini in Australia, who could have fallen by my side,” he pointed out, before emphasizing: “It’s when I give my best in key moments, and that’s what matters. I am not worried that this effort will be difficult for me. Although I had a late trial and a regular break today, I was ready to play some good tennis.

Regarding Ruth, a Earthly At first, he took confidence on the cement, he remembers that Murcia beat him twice when they faced each other. “I won it in Miami,” he explains in the introduction, without mentioning the previous episode in Marbella. “I think I can beat him again. He has already played a Grand Slam final and already knows what that moment is like, but a lot of things were new to me too and finally he faced them in a good way. I’ll do it again on Sunday, I’m going to be the same as always,” he said before heading to Times Square at dawn.

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