Unprecedented in the NBA: from a point guard to a pillar!

Ben Simon He hasn’t played in a year. In this 2021-22 season, The Australian did not play a minute.First b Disputes with your partner, Joel EmbiidAnd the trainer at Philadelphia, Dock Riverswhat He was suspended from the team indefinitelyand then by Back injury He made it through the operating room when he was already a player. Brooklyn Nets.

Now that the foundation has recovered from the hip injury and under control of the team, the new coach, Steve Nash wants to do experiments.

It’s rare to see a 2’11-meter point guard.Moreover, it is rarely seen in the history of basketball. But it’s rare to see what Nash is trying to achieve. Former Phoenix Suns player He’s planning to reverse Simon’s position and put him… in the middle!

The coach believes the Australian has the right conditions for the ‘5’ spot.. Everyone knows Simmons has never excelled at outside shooting, and his 3-point percentage proves it.

His stats, not being a point guard

In the first two seasons He didn’t score a triple in 17 attempts., something unthinkable for a point guard. In 2019-20, A 2 of 7 in three times Throughout the season, b 3 out of 10 Next.

With the ball in his hands and leading the team, he has good tools, but because of his height and erratic outside shot, Nash has other ideas. “I think he will practice playing both base and center. He is such an athlete. Complete, versatile and capable I think, ‘Hey, you’ve got to control the ball all the time. You always have to create on offense,'” Nash said, according to Nets Daily.

That above all It’s a virtue for the coach. “That’s what’s special about him, the many skills he brings to the table. Yes, he’ll be a coordinator and act as a foundation, but Sometimes he will also be the center. It will only be another time A boy playing basketball without a place. He is trying to create play in the midfield. So for me, It’s easy to play to their strengths, which are very different and present in the game“, finished the technician.

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