Tranquilin Deportes has announced the programs to celebrate the XXII years of the service of Cojedeno Sports

Tulio Tranquilin Deportes announced the program in a press conference.

Rigoberto Sandoval.

San Carlos, September (Cojedes News). Tranquilin Deportes began to celebrate its XXII year along with a press release to announce the schedule of activities and commemorate another year of service to COJ athletes.

Tullio Escalona, ​​the owner of this sports company, said he was proud of the receipt. An anniversary filled with many blessings with his family and athletes, coaches, leaders, journalists, media. We have always been partners in these 22 years. We have passed from generation to generation to encourage and support the athletes living in the region in all fields of education,” he said.

I can confirm that. The program started on Thursday 8th with Fusal Championship, Youth category at Pueblo Nuevo, Tinaco. They also said that they will promote Lara to the 20th level national championship. Open this Saturday 10 chess tournamentas well as the baseball championship with the Small Schools Exchange at Luis Paisa Salcedo Stadium.

Appearance of the press release.

In the same way The softball championship will be held in honor of Nichelle Gutierrez 12 teams in Los Colorado, as well as the Coedus Development League futsal tournament in Tinaco. For all 14 futsal matches in Manrique.

The activity will continue on the 17th With the national pool; In the 22nd San Carlos Basketball League: 3rd festival of this discipline, children’s category. In the 23rd free soccer championship in the municipality of Ricaurte and the softball and fusilla quadrangle in El Pao, they will play the “Tranquilin Deportes” cup in all events.

Escalona said The closing act is the traditional family bike ride «Move by Tranquilin Sport. 25 kilometers of fun, soccer, kickball, table tennis, 3×3 basketball, dominoes, Creole balls, swimming pool and marathon will have La Tranquilidade Marathon in the La Vieja sector of the municipality of Romulo Gallegos.

Finally Acknowledgment of athletes, coaches and CoJ sports honors. For outstanding performance at regional, national and international levels. The journalists of the organization were recognized for their work in sports broadcasting.

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