Training Day at CMDO: “Walking Training for the Mentally Handicapped”.

This conference, which is part of the Joint Action Agreement between the National Sports Secretariat and Montes de Oca, was attended by experts and people interested in the matter.
The trainers (members of the Sports Secretariat team) explained the features of the “NACER” program (let’s run to improve ourselves) in theory and practice in six hours a day.
This program seeks to provide opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to engage in sports and recreational activities, with the aim of promoting their activities as complementary initiatives in the process of rehabilitation and social participation. It is noteworthy that it provides tools for personal development, social networking and strengthening the bonds of all people.
We appreciate the participation of Alfredo Leichtl, Carmen Aguirre, Fernando Cristaldo, and Pablo Simmons (professional methodologists of Organized Sports and Sports Professionals) and alumni Emiliano Ducatenzeiler and Eduardo Fernandez (both members of the Directorate of Organized Sports and Sports Promotion).
We believe that these types of initiatives are fundamental to our society and we continue to work in search of conditions that create effective social participation by relying on key axes such as education and sports.

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