Torrent opened the registration period for the municipal sports schools

The little ones can enjoy a variety of activities including tennis, soccer, swimming or skating. The older ones can participate in yoga, paddle tennis or remedial gymnastics.

Activities that take place from October to the end of May; They will be activated and kept as long as they have the required minimum number.

  • EMID SkatingMinimum 6 students and maximum 12.
  • EMID tennisMinimum 5 students and maximum 8.
  • EMID FrontenisMinimum 5 students and maximum 8.
  • MajorMinimum 12 students and maximum 20.
  • Pilot EMIDMinimum 5 students and maximum 9.
  • EMID volleyballMinimum 6 students and maximum 10.

of EMID compatible sports They are 100% subsidized by Torrent FDM.

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Regarding adult activities, Courses will be activated and maintained as long as they meet the required minimum number.

  • PilateA minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 14 are registered.
  • G. Fitness, aerobics and ZumbaMinimum 8 students and maximum 14
  • Yoga and danceA minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 were recorded.
  • Tennis: A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 are recorded per track.
  • RowingMinimum 4 registered and maximum 6 per track.

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