The swimming boys prepare for the competition in La Rioja.

Five athletes will be part of the 1st national water race for athletes with Down syndrome as part of the “Adjusted Sports” program promoted by the Sports State Secretary’s Directorate of Education and Inclusive Policies.

In the year Lourdes Orozco, Rocio Pastrán Ontiveros, Francisco Carmona, Santiago Vega, Francisco González, Jesus Navarro and Juan Manuel are said to be in La Rioja on August 13 and 14.

Developed by Adapted Swimming and Adapted Sport Riojano and certified by the Argentine Sports Federation for athletes with Down syndrome. This event will be held at CEF No. 5 in the capital of La Rioja, which has a 25-meter long air-conditioned swimming pool and six lifts.

This is an initiative that aims to encourage, promote and promote sports as a right as stipulated in the International Convention of Persons with Disabilities across the country.

San Juan athletes have swimming coaches and instructors. They are Matias Cordero, Belen García and Josefina Casas, who will carry out the goals they will continue to fulfill throughout the year.

2022-07-28 Sports: Men's swimmers prepare for competition in La Rioja

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