The signing of an agreement between SLEP and IND promotes sports in public institutions in Valparaiso – G5noticas

Workshops, new professionals and the opportunity to improve infrastructure are among the benefits.
“Healthy mind, healthy body” is the saying. And with this old saying in mind, SLEP of Valparaiso and the National Sports Institute (IND) have signed a satisfactory agreement that brings good news to 66 public education institutions in the state capital and Juan Fernandez.

This was explained in detail by Daslav Mihovilović, Director General of SLEP of Valparaiso, who expressed his happiness with this agreement: “It encourages the participation of our communities in stadiums or sports complexes and even tournament funds. We deeply believe in the importance of encouraging physical activity in our community, especially in the context of this epidemic. And we need to reawaken ourselves, we want to develop a healthy life and these alliances are focused on this, to encourage our learning process. Students. We hope very much.

Leandro Torres, Ceremi del Deporte de Valparaíso, experienced this agreement in a different way, because he was now part of the institutions that would benefit from it, especially the top business establishment. “I am a child of public education, and everything that allows it to be improved is included, and what we have done today allows us to promote public education from the point of view of sports.”

He said that this is not only good for the use of sports facilities, but also for the promotion of sports activities in various institutions through workshops, support from some experts and improvement of infrastructure. He said.

“We will have better opportunities for our children and teenagers, more places, extracurricular workshops, which will create an important development for them,” said SLEP Sports and Physical Education Coordinator Marcela Guzman. This is what we need in Valparaiso today.

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