The Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza hosts the first edition of Inclusive Sports Day.

The people of Zaragoza this morning got to know what boccia is and how it is played in the first edition of Inclusive Sports Day., held in the Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza. Boccia is a sports activity that allows athletes to develop motor, cognitive and social skills and abilities. This is a precision and strategy sport created specifically for people with cerebral palsy and related disorders with severe motor impairments.

It should be noted that it is a regulated sport with an organizational structure and competition like any other, and it is a Paralympic sport. Since 1995, training has been taking place in the Apes Zaragoza Foundation and many of the players were present this morning in the Plaza del Pilar.

This sport supports people with a great need for support because it allows them to control the situation, take responsibility and work as a team. Effort, concentration, stress of many moments, trying to go to the limits of physical possibilities, game after game, adapting and adapting to the practice by those who need the opportunities and maximum support. Make boccia a good sport.

The initiative and motivation of the athletes led to the creation of the APES Aragon Sports Association and currently nine of its players are participating in the Northeast League (Aragon and La Rioja), competing at national level and closing the seasons well. Places in the level. This Saturday they will be in the Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza, participating in the 1st edition of the Universal Sports Day organized by the City Council and various bodies to bring citizens to some examples of adapted sports practice. Throughout the morning, the players of AD Aspace Aragón will present Boccia exhibitions and those who participate will be able to try the experience to feel the emotions and difficulties of practicing Boccia.

Love and dedication

Carlos Graça, Virginia Navarro, Óscar Alijarde and José Gracia are some of those who have trained and competed in this Paralympic sport. José Gracia, who has been playing Bocce since 1998, dedicates 6 hours a week to training and confirms that his favorite thing about this sport is “everything that happens is playing, the atmosphere, training and getting all the work done”. Gracia has a clear objective: “Make it to the final of the league in our area” and he is demanding with himself, saying that he is a perfectionist.

On the other hand, between 6 and 10 o’clock is the time that Carlos Graça dedicates every week to practice Bocce, the sport he has loved and excelled at for 22 years. “Learn more tactics and improve your aim every day.”In addition to socializing and developing self-control. What does Grace like most about this sport? “It is up to me to decide who wins and who wins.” As BC3 they form a special bond with my assistants and rivals. The challenge for next season is to “win our league, go to the Spanish Cup and go to the national competition”.

Playing with people and traveling to other cities is what Óscar Alijarde loves most about Boccia, Aspace user and player of this sport for two decades. He practices three days a week and allows him to “improve and learn as an athlete.” The goal for the next season is to “become the champion of the Northeast Zone.”

For her part, Virginia Navarro trains three days a week for two hours every day with her BC3 teammates. Bochia has been playing “since we started at Apes Zaragoza” and it’s something he likes a lot. “Be with lots of people, especially volunteers.” He is clear about what this sport brings to his daily life: “I really want to learn and improve.” If we ask him about the challenges for the next season, Navarro assures us that they are “improving with my barn and Licornium” and “practicing to coordinate more and more with my assistant.”

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