The people of Cuenca want to make sure they have a good start in the pre-election

The Cuencaños will face their second day in preliminaries after a league start where most of their results have been positive.

It is true that most of them will face tough matches on this second day, with very competitive games expected.

* Group I

He is the only one of the Cuencaans who will debate the meeting on Saturday. AD Campillo From 18:30 at the Virgin de la Loma de Campillo de Altobuey. They host Atletico Ibanez. A team, like Campilo, coming from a fall on the first day, for the same result (0-2). It looks like a very tough match against the rival who is fighting to avoid the bottom of the standings.

On the other hand, AD San ​​Clemente They will want to ensure a good start to the league by defeating Miguel Tureno, who fell on the first day. The recently relegated Duel Red, which will be held on Sunday from 18:00 at the grounds of San Clemente, can leave one of the favorites to be in the upper middle zone of the classification.

of CD Pedroneras For his part, he will open the calendar against Valdepeñas, who were the vision team of last season, as a team that will consider him. In addition, it will arrive after winning the first day. The meeting will take place on Sunday at 7:00 in the Municipal de las Pedroras.

Motila For his part, on the first day he visited the damaged Membrilla, which received a drastic correction from three to zero. It is true, on the other hand, that Membrilla sanctified the height part last season, it works like the area. For this reason, it will not be easy to add three for the Rogilos. They will play on Sunday at 7:00 pm and will do so at the Municipal de Membrilla.

* Group II

The two Capitals teams will need to get off to a good start in terms of scoring, but more importantly, emotionally, as both have been good.

of San Jose employee He will play against Sporting Cabanillas on Sunday at 12:00 p.m. On the opening day, set up a balloon to be measured. Those from Cabanillas, like the Gugu, come in succession to the capital of Cuenca. El Obrero will hope to build on his good game against Mora and exploit his opponent’s doubts.

On the other hand, Cuncha’s bladderHe always visits Orgaseno in the complex municipality of del Socorro. Orgaseno comes in after falling on the first day and perhaps sees the ghosts of last season reappear. In contrast, the vast majority of points awarded to Salvation were at home, which is why the home team is so dangerous. Balona Cuenca, on the other hand, will reach the roof with morale after an exceptional start and pick up a vital victory.


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