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The new coach of Salta Basketball, Martin de Zan, spoke to Professional FM and had ideas about the formation of the team, reinforcements, the competitiveness of the tournament and his favorite drinks for the new season of the Argentine league.

The start of the Argentinian League enters the countdown and Salta Basket prepares this new season with enthusiasm and new coach Martin de Zan. The technician spoke to Tucuman Professional FM before arriving in our region and stated that they will start regular training from Monday the 12th, although the players have been working individually and being monitored by the physical trainer. Rafa Padilla as a “pre-competition” idea from foreigners who will arrive in Los Infernales a few days later. And among the reinforcements they got to the first practice with the whole team except for Adriano Caldero. More than others due to logistics.

In the last Federal League, the former coach of Talleres de Tafí viejo, as assistant of Estudiantes de Tucuman of the Argentine league, confirmed that he will come in the morning to meet with the leaders this Sunday and in turn give them. Final touches on the first day of training. As for the goals of the Salta team for this league, De Zan explained that their main challenge is to integrate themselves as a competitive, young and energetic team, but that is still new, although some pieces that will be useful in the end have been renewed. Season, the idea is to find the best version even with some problems that arose in the group meeting. The idea of ​​the coach is that Salta Basket is the implemented model and that the franchise representing the entire city has a very symbolic identity that is pioneered in the North and replicated in various places in the region. Placing Tucuman Basket in the same category as Los Infernales or Jujuy Basket who play in the Federal League. While this program is already solid, what is needed is to give opportunities to Salta’s young stars and some players who already have important filming, such as the case of Diego Peralta and Facundo Arias Binda, and thus get a big place. Representativeness.

Then, beyond the efforts of the new coach Stefano Alesso in their ranks and knowing that it might be too far, the player finally decided to continue his basketball career in Italy. On the other hand, de Zan mentioned the Argentinian league and explained that a few years ago, the northern conference was the most competitive, armed teams and the last champion that came from the same. Conference, showed a very important trend. The coach prepares himself with a strong desire to compete for promotion under this conference with 3 or 4 teams, then he realizes that 4 or 5 teams will come and he is training more teams; Where there are many young people. Or debutants in the category, but it will be a complicated season. This Monday, from 9 in the morning, Salta Basket will start its training in a double shift, on Tuesday and Wednesday they will do it in one shift, on Thursday they will join the miraculous celebrations, on Friday and Saturday they will close the week.

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Martin de Zaan: “Our main challenge is to strengthen ourselves as a competitive team.”

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