The Council of State gives the gold shield to journalist Ambrosio Sánchez Amador

The President of the Regional Council of Almeria is going to award Ambrosio Sánchez Amador with the Institute’s Golden Shield for his work as a sports reporter. The official ceremony will take place next Wednesday, September 14, starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Patio de Luce of the Provincial Palace.

Almeria community Since 1982, in the pages of La Voz de Almería, he has been invited to honor the journalist who has disseminated and promoted public sports in various media.

His commitment to the sport started at an early age as a player, coach and state basketball manager. And later as the speaker of the state’s educational sectors and grassroots sports clubs.

The president of the Deputation, Javier A. García, emphasized the importance of this recognition, which “increases the love and respect of all the people of Almería who have the right to know him”. Ambrosio as “a great defender of grassroots sports and disciplines little known to the general public”.

Ambrosio celebrates almost 200 awards, among them the golden shield of the city and the best sports journalist in Andalusia, and recognitions and his sports news are thousands, which gives visibility to all sports in the province.

Although the year Despite being a school champion in 1959 as a player for the Instituto Nacional de Ensenanza Media, he was valued in the big teams until he reached Amigos Alisol, a club where he played for promotion to the second division.

Ambrosio Sánchez, coach of the Luis Siret school and director of the Almeria Basketball Federation, was one of the members of the executive committee that organized the Copa del Rey final between Real Madrid and Football Club Barcelona. The game that brought the legendary Harlem Globetrotters to Almeria in 1982.

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