The City Council opens registration for the Municipal Sports Games 23 with new and better facilities – News

The City Council of Seville has opened registration for the 2023 Municipal Sports Games through the Municipal Sports Institute, which last year attracted more than 1,250 teams and 27,774 athletes of all ages, from young to veterans, in more than 20 disciplines. “Seville is a sports city because of its major events, but also because of the network of facilities spread across the city and promoting grassroots sports for competitors of all ages and levels. The municipal sports games add the necessary competitive character to the activity of this sports network, where we continue to bet on investments in swimming pools, sports centers, football fields or high-level tracks. Living with guarantees of all public services, “said David Guevara, Representative of Ecological Transition and Sports, in his speech.

Municipal sports games start with the most popular team sports, so they extend their calendars according to the success of the registration. This is a matter of indoor football, football 7, basketball or volleyball, from the categories of children (born in 2017-108 and 2019) will remain open until October 6. Next and depending on the needs, the offer is in chess, athletics, handball, “small” focus, sports suitable for the disabled, duathlon, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, roller hockey, swimming, orienteering, rowing tennis, freestyle skating, canoeing, Rowing, rugby and tennis. These activities are parallel to others that the IMD can organize, such as the popular races of the Sevilla10 circuit.

Aiming to encourage participation, municipal sports games include bonuses for teams that do not have their own playing fields and wish to reserve IMD facilities, especially in the district where they are registered. These bonuses reach 100% in the categories of children, pre-Benjamin, Benjamin, Alevin and infants, 80% in cadets and teenagers, 50% in the elderly and the elderly, and 100% for the disabled. Registration is also free for athletes up to cadet category.

In the next season, the participants of the municipal sports games will also benefit from the improvements to the facilities and the investments included in the sports support plan of almost 6 million euros, 500,000 euros for the renovation of the Amate Parquet and the improvement of the sports centers of Bellavista or El Paraguas and San Jerónimo; 500,000 workers in the development of Sao Paulo; 2.5 million euros planned for the renovation of artificial grass football fields; Or 2.6 million to upgrade the swimming pools, highlighting the new roof of Torreblanca or the new swimming pool design of Poligono Sur and other issues.

Registration for municipal sports games is on the website of the Municipal Sports Institute

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