The benefits of swimming are many and here we will tell you some of them

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It’s swimming. One of the most complete sports and if you practice it, congratulations!Because the benefits are many and very important, here we will tell you some.

Swimming is life because it rejuvenates And it helps better oxygenation of the body, even when you enter the water, you are in a mode that helps to get rid of stress because it does not allow you to think about problems.

Connecting with water has many benefits Eduardo Mayen, high performance swimmer and coach.

Benefits of swimming

of Swimming is a very complete sport. Because it moves all the muscles of the body and is an anaerobic sport, it allows you to increase your lung capacity and at the same time oxygenate all parts of the body, which is very similar to meditation in terms of breathing.

Mayen said Swimming is the most complete sportHe does not feel tired, on the contrary, a person still swims and feels refreshed.

Experienced as an athlete and selected nationally for 6 years in the 100m butterfly, 50m freestyle and medley relay, the expert told a layman that he swims three days a week. Oxygen is enough for all organs Including the brain that produces dopamine and oxytocin.

Are there differences between swimming in a pool and in the sea?

There are those who like to swim in the sea and there are those who like to swim in the pool. It is the same in the end And the benefits are the same, according to the expert.

“The benefit is the same, but in the sea you lose weight from the saltiness, it’s very useful in competitive matters, in recreational matters you improve symptoms, the benefits are the same,” said Wolverines assistant coach for team sprinters at Aliso Nigel High School, California, United States. .

Swimming is one of the most complete sports. And if you practice, congratulations! , the benefits are many and very important, in the opinion of Maine, who has served in the management of special projects at Conade and is currently the head coach of the La Cima team where classes are held. Taught at all levels beginners, advanced and intermediate.

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