Swimming in winter: the benefits of this sport and from what age you can practice it [video] | News

Swimming is one of the most complete sports, because it moves and works all the muscles of the body; However, to get all the benefits of this discipline, it is important to practice it not only in the summer, but also throughout the year and early, for the child’s psychological development.

What is the best age to start swimming? Former South American, Bolivarian and National swimming champion Ernesto Domenac pointed this out. It is from 6 months after birth Because the baby’s body is too mature to start practicing in water.

“From 6 months we recommend that the baby enters the pool, because the baby’s body is somewhat stronger. In my experience, I put two of my children in the pool when they were very young and at about 4 months they became good competitive swimmers. Health and safety.

Practicing this sport from a young age supports the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, so parents should not be afraid to take their children as babies, as long as these areas meet all the parameters of health and hydration.

From his experience as a professional swimmer, Domenac says swimming can benefit the health of children with asthma because they exercise their lungs while doing this whole-body exercise. However, he emphasized that swimming not only provides physical benefits but also emotional benefits as it increases self-confidence in a child or an adult.

According to a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), swimming reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression because endorphins are released in the brain, which can regulate human emotions.


Swimming can help people who have suffered from Covid-19 and have some pulmonary or muscular sequelae to return to their previous state because by exercising in water, the body can gradually recover the functions lost by the disease, he said.

“Swimming makes a large number of muscles work and the lungs begin to work more in a different atmosphere and under pressure like a pool. My swimming academy has helped a lot in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered from Covid-19 and have been able to recover their lung and muscle function.”

Finally, he pointed out that any kind of sport should be practiced all year round and he pointed out that the weather should not be a hindrance to the body’s physical activity, because the main thing is to maintain the quality of life and help to better deal with various diseases. .

“I believe that sport, whatever it is, should be practiced by everyone to have a better quality of life. Besides, doing sports puts us in a good state of mind,” he asserted.

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