Swimming, cycling and running in memory of Maria García Rubio

Her father Jose Luis paid tribute to the athlete who died after being hit by a car while riding a bicycle on the N-111. Triathlon commemorates the athlete who died on August 22, 2013.

In the year On August 22, 2013, a tragic event shook society and sport when young triathlete Maria García Rubio was killed after being run over by a vehicle in Syria. This Monday, nine years later, and like every August 22 since then, Maria’s father José Luis García, Maria’s father, held a triathlon in her memory, standing at the site of the accident, with family, friends and representatives of Modern Triathlon and the Pentathlon Federation of Castilla León.

The first swimming class, about 300 meters long, was held by García and his friend and relative Félix Rubio, both Syrians living in Tenerife. The old water at the height of the rock was hotter than other occasions during this year’s hot summer, these were the first and refreshing meters.

The swim team will then be joined by one more member to complete a 14-kilometer mountain bike ride through the Duero to the coast of Garray, stopping on the N-111 straight where Maria hit.Garcia. There, surrounded by crops, is a memorial where Garcia and his friends placed three roses.

After this emotional tribute, with the wind strengthening the rally in support of the team, the three cyclists returned to the transition area in Duro Dar to complete the final three kilometers of the race on foot with Alex in action as the final relay of participants.

After the sports day, after José Luis García thanked all his teammates, his family attended a mass in memory of María García Rubio at the Church of El Salvador.

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