Swimming, a balance between physical and mental well-being that can help you start

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Playing sports a Harmony between mental and physical well-being And on the subject swimming This relationship can go further, for example helping to start a business.

In his opinion Beatrice Higuery, A high-performance swimmer, on his own, exercises often, which benefits his life and mind.

“Exercising or playing sports has been scientifically proven to improve mood and give you a sense of well-being. Many hormones (such as endorphins, serotonin) are activated in your body, so you feel calm and happy when you finish exercising. Harmony is there from the moment you decide to exercise, train or compete. Because you love it, You are so excited about it, you decide and you do it.

Regarding Open water marathon swimIt requires a lot of physical preparation, but mind and composure or composure comes with the training and over time this can lead to a double challenge.

It helps to make the main objectives clear

According to Higuerey, swimming It definitely helps to set clear goals and plan.

“If you train frequently and seriously and set goals for yourself, you have to plan what you want to achieve and how to do it. That is, if I want to swim 30 kilometers in an open water crossing. I have to be clear about that goal and prepare a training plan, in my case with a coach.

A highly skilled athlete suggested to her First is setting clear goals and then making a plan And get organized with everything it involves: work, sports, family, etc.

Discipline in sports and entrepreneurship

This is what Venezuela said An important and successful relationship.

“I know athletes who have created and developed their brand through products related to their sport. A triathlete friend of mine has developed her clothing line for this sport, as well as for fitness and swimming,” she said.

In addition, if you play sports from childhood, you will create a very positive foundation in terms of discipline, planning, perseverance in the child or adolescent. Goal setting and communication eg. And if you are part of a sports team, this is cooperation and teamwork, all of which are important in the world of work and entrepreneurship.

Now you know that practicing sports a Harmony between mental and physical well-being And in the case of swimming, this relationship can go further, for example helping to start a business.

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