Sports will be big in La Robla.

La Robla knows how to enjoy the summer. Many activities are planned to make this summer season more enjoyable.

The highlight is the swimming pools, with an improved enclosure, which makes the summer even more refreshing.

In addition to the large swimming pool for adults, the spacious area allows you to have fun in the water while swimming, and is joined by a small section where the little ones can have fun without any worries. To all this, we have to add wide green spaces and a bar where you can have a snack.

To complete the offer, the pools host swimming courses for beginners and advanced swimmers during the months of July and August.

The provision of recreation and sports that we should add to the children’s camps, which allow a better reconciliation of work and family life.

Entertainment and sports

Sport lives in La Robla and to this we must add the different sports schools throughout the year, they have many sports venues.

Both young people and adults have a wide variety to choose the sport and level they want to practice.

The Sports Training School is aimed at boys between 9 and 18 years of age who play any sport of their choice between athletics, basketball, indoor football, handball or skating during the course.


Adults have extensive discounts in the sports and health department. The program includes maintenance gymnastics, aerobics, maintenance gymnastics school for the elderly (over 60 years old), pilates, yoga or free time and walking school Camino de Santiago in stages.

The minors have a sports program whose main aim is to introduce them to the world of sports mainly through games.

For children from 6 to 9 years old, the City Council of La Robla is committed to a sports training school, in which participants learn and practice different sports during the training, with the idea of ​​giving sports education as universal as possible. .

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