Sports News: Atlantic Coast Men’s Soccer Team

The Atlantic team arrived in October of this year motivated to face competition for the National Interleague quota.

He will take a new test In an effort to continue the growth, evolution and consolidation of Beach Soccer in the Atlantic Department at the national level. He said that on this occasion, a team from this part of the country has entered. Covenas, department of Sucre, another expedition in search of victory.

The Atlantic football team participates in the soil of Sucreno National interleague qualifying championshipWhere you want to face the competition well.

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For the competition in Sucreno Province, The department team traveled with the support of Indeportes Atlántico and Liga de Futbol del Atlántico.. Atlantic Payroll is prepared According to the Caribbean Sun Club, where they have excelled throughout their national participation.

Players who are part of the Atlantic cast are: Ronaldo Matut, Janier Ortega, Alan Stevenson, Mario Araujo, Leonardo Cabrera, Victor Cortes, Anthony Herrera, Daladier Camano, Julio Pantoja, Almer Salas, Kevin Quintero and Samuel Orozco. At the event, the representative of the Atlántico department will be technically led by Jordi Cabarcas and Catia Diaz Silla. Likewise, fitness trainer Sergio Galvan is part of the department’s coaching staff.

In this case, the Atlantic team He will have to measure forces against rivals such as Guajira, Antioquia and local Sucre. Noting that the first championship tournament was the one mentioned above, Today, Friday, September 9, it will be from 9 am in Guajra.. After this engagement This Saturday, starting at 10:30 a.m., he will meet in Antioquia. and completes the participation in the competition In front of the local Sucre, Sundays from 10.30am.

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As an important fact, it should be noted that this competition offers a total Six seats The winners of each zone or inter-league qualifier established by DeFootball; In October, they will be measured in fixed locations that cannot be defined yet.

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