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Spain’s women’s water polo team has won the European championship after defeating Greece 9-6 in the European finals in Split (Croatia), reclaiming the continent’s crown.

Miki Oka’s team got off to a successful start by dominating the opposition to claim their third European gold medal in a game that never trailed on the scoreboard. The Greeks equalized with four minutes to go, but Spain responded with a key 3-0 run to defend their crown.

data sheet

9 – SpainMartina Terre; Cristina Noguey, Annie Esper (2), Bea Ortiz (1), Nona Perez (1), Paula Pratts, Elena Ruiz (2.1 P), Pili Pena, Judith Forca, Paula Camus, Maika Garcia (2), Paula Litton (1 ) ), Laura Ester.

6 – Greece: Ioanna Stamatopoulou; Eleftheria Plevritou (1), Ioana Chiridioti (2), Foteini Tricha, Margarita Plevritou (1), Eleni Zenaki (1), Irini Nino, Maria Patra, Christina Siuti (1), Vasiliki Plevritou, Atina Gianopoulou, Maria Myriokefalitali, Elenini.

Judges: Alessia Ferrari (Italy) and Nenad Peris (Croatia). Noguey (m.27) and Prats (m.29) excluded him.

Part: 3-0, 1-3, 1-0, 4-3

The final of the Women’s European Championship was played at Spaldum Pool in Split (Croatia).

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