Saturday, September 17 and December 10, unusual market on the fairgrounds

Mérida will have a traditional Tuesday market for two Saturdays this year 2022. In particular, merchants and traders will open their stalls on September 17 and December 10 in a unique and unusual way.

This is the agreement approved by the Merida City Council Government Group and the Merida Market Traders Association to make up for the two weeks that their stalls were not installed due to the fairs and festivals held in September. In the year

In this way and by mutual agreement, the capital of Extremadura will have a fair market on the morning of September 17 and December 10. In addition to the usual Tuesday market, it will return to its usual venue on September 13.

ACAEX president Julian Cruz thanked the city council for “being able to launch these special markets to help us continue our business after the pandemic, the heat wave and the diesel surge.”

Punctuation. “Thanks to these extraordinary markets, we are able to improve economically and lower our products,” Cruz pointed out. It helped us cope better with the conditions and face this winter with a different perspective,” he said.

“It’s very positive that the city council and the mayor value our efforts and efforts to continue in our markets,” Cruz explained.

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