Ronnie 2K Reveals Why NBA 2K23 Will Be “The Best Video Game” Ever Released

las vegas – Expectations b NBA 2K23 release They are getting old, and now that the game is 23 years old, what better player to grace the cover. Michael Jordan?

“If you put Jordan on the cover, you’re making a statement.”He told him Ronnie 2 K A Sports News. “This is a big year. We expect big things. It’s going to be a very exciting year.”

Jordan, who previously graced NBA 2K11, 2K12 with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, and NBA 2K16 “Special Edition” cover, will be featured in both NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition and NBA 2K23 Championship Edition. A legend of the Chicago Bulls.

“For us There is no doubt that he is the best of his timeRonnie 2 K.

“Of course, 23 is a special issue and it’s worth putting it on the cover. But again, it represents what we want to convey with it, which is a year of greatness and that’s it. This is going to be the best video game we’ve ever seen.

Celebrating a year of greatness, NBA 2K has proven to be one of the NBA’s greatest players; Devin BookerFollowing one of his best seasons with the Phoenix Suns, he makes the main cover.

“Obviously the season Devin had on the best team in the regular season, they fell off a little bit in the playoffs, but he’s the guy.Ronnie 2 K.

“He was the best tournament player we had during the outbreak. He’s one of the best 2K players out there. It was time to celebrate with him (Bird) and Diana (Taurasi).. What more can be said?”.

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasitwo WNBA legends, It appears in the WNBA editionAfter gracing the cover of NBA 2K22, Candace Parker has featured WNBA stars on the cover for the second consecutive season.

The duo, who played at UConn and helped Team USA win five Olympic gold medals, combined for seven WNBA championships and 23 All-Star Game appearances.

“Of course. They are two of the best players of the era.Sue, it’s amazing to be in her final season and to be associated with her for everything she’s done for this sport. I couldn’t be happier with the partners we have“Ronnie added 2K.

Fans of the game a Improved gameplay and graphicsThe game is tailored to your needs.

“I am very excited about our game [2K23] It feels different, it feels good. It’s the whole system. It’s simply soft.”Ronnie 2K replied.

“it is Our third year in Next-GenSo we’ve done a lot of what our customers want and we’re trying to evolve it into the best game we can put out there.

The biggest question every year, for fans and players alike. The ratingNever missing in the debate. While we know what to expect from the NBA’s biggest stars, the upcoming rookie class is a bit more complicated.

With all 30 teams in action during the Las Vegas Summer League, the show served as rookies’ first look at the NBA setting, giving them a chance to practice their classmates but also help boost their ratings.

We were in summer league. And it’s the first time we’ve seen this many guys, obviously playing with NBA-level talent, so we want to make sure of that. We use Summer League to understand how their game will be on the real stage.Ronnie 2K replied.

“First of all, it’s difficult, right? We don’t have a real basis for comparison, we have a lot of university data or, in some cases, not even this. Especially the epidemic was a real challenge, but we build on that and then it’s clear that the summer league is an opportunity for them to show their skills.” “It’s great that there are still other shows. They have the California League in San Francisco, so there are a lot of examples. It should give us a good idea of ​​what his level should be.”

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