Romanian David Popovici, who cleans the pool and breaks the rules of swimming

It’s Romanian. The new world superstar. And it is Romania, a non-traditional country in this sport, and the always powerful Americans (the absolute kings of this discipline) are already one of the biggest news in sports. David PopovichAt just 17 years old, he has become the sports figure of the summer A real revolution.

Popovici destroyed Europe in Rome Cesar Cielo was the legend of the 100 free meters world record Since 2009, it has been considered the symbol of Brazil, with a time of 46.91; One of the most popular brands in swimming. The Romanian has now improved it and it works 46.86 Leaving everyone speechless. He was already the world champion a month ago in the 100 and 200 free (another historic class), but now he made a perfect leap.

The record achieved by Popovici in Rome this Saturday is significant for two main reasons: Gets a popular and controversial polyurethane swimsuit, now blocked and achieve Cielo with which. In the year It was a time known as Magic swimwear Because this body The 2009 World Swimming Championships gave him a clear advantage, with as many as 43 world records broken. That was a quick revolution. not allowed. From that level there were six current records, one of which was already removed in Romania.

And Popovici got to be in the same place, in Rome, in the legendary Foro Italico, and also. A swimmer who has always been far from the idea One of the greatest in swimming: the Romanian is thin, without fibrous body, Sharp (1.90 m height) Long arms And he hasn’t yet experienced physical changes. It is 100% Romanian, which gives it more advantage to be a country that does not have great success in this modality. Understand the expression because He grew up there and continued to train there, away from the main ‘homes’, mainly in the United States where many go for training. He has offers from major North American universities, but wants to do history from his native Romania.

It still is. 17 year old boy As he plans to study psychology and was born in 2004, he majored in swimming. Michael Phelps, started in the Olympic Games. Doctor’s request to his family, telling them to join the pool to fix their house Scoliosis (Lateral Spine Disorder) A native of the capital Bucharest, Popovici was the key to start his adventure in swimming.

The Romanian He describes himself as an ascetic., which gives up some pleasures (parties, big meals…) to find habits that lead to perfection. “It’s about knowing what you want. And others will not. That leads to living in a completely different way, like eating, sleeping, partying… But I don’t care,” he said this week on a major European show. He lives a brutal life, which is his motto. “Work, work and work” “Without desire” begins every day with vigorous exercise. In Romania, he has already become a very famous person, he cannot walk on the street and at the age of 17 he lives the life of a total star.

He is David Popovici, Romanian, 17 years old: the world’s leading new starAFP

He says AFP His coach Adrian Radulescu, that Popovici “He wasn’t the easiest person to train.” But when he met him at the age of nine, he saw “something special” in him. His progress is amazing – he was already an Olympic finalist a year ago – and suddenly the sport found a new world star in this boy. One of the rarest sporting events. He was the first swimmer in 40 years to win the 100m and 200m freestyle at the World Cup in Budapest a month ago. A whole boom not only in swimming, but in sports in general.

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