Piletas del Nahuel was once again the main champion of the district Bariloche says

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

On September 2, 3 and 4 at San Antonio Oeste Municipal Swimming Pool A new Rio Negro competition was held with the best swimmers in the province. The local team with 597 points Club Nahuel Huapi Consisting of 31 athletes, they recently won another regional competition held in our city and are back to become champions for the second time this year.

Teams from El Club Unión Alem Progresita de Allen, Cipolletti, Sportman de Choele Choel, Villa Congreso de Viedma, Club del Progreso de General Roca, Deportivo Roca, Villa Regina, San Antonio Swimming School and Bariloche participated in the tournament. .

of Pehuenes Club He was one of the local representatives in the competition and was able to take 6th place in a delegation of 23 swimmers in 249 divisions. Club del Progreso, the first division of Piletas del Nahuel, was second with 529 points and Club Cipolletti was third with 420.

Maximilian Ceballeztwo-time champion team coach Nahuel Pools“We’re going to be state champions again, we won the other day here at Bariloche, so we’re really excited. The group is very strong mentally and very cohesive as a human group. As a coach, I am happy to see those who love this sport, come together, and compete passionately to reach the highest level in swimming,” he said.

And he added: “This competition is a competition in which different teams are selected for the intervention (Rio Negro) that we will organize in October. I am the technician who assembles the team and those selected for the EPAD.” Araucanía leaves that competition. This year, the coach of the two-time state champion team completed the information on this matter.

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