News Rio Negro – Sport was the protagonist of the weekend in Rio Negro.

Once again, the sports movement, Rio Negro men and women, carried out activities that aggravated the feelings of adults and children through actions taken in different parts of the state.

The San Antonio Oste was one of the highlights of the weekend in the provincial capital, with 294 male and female swimmers representing 11 Rio Negro swimming institutions.

The podium was taken by Nahuel Huapi Bariloche, Del Progreso from General Roca second and Club Cipolletti third. In addition, this competition has prepared a couple to choose swimmers Rio Negro in the Araucania, Epade and Evita games.

On the other hand, in Vidma, on Saturday, a new day of FestejaRNos +60 was held, organized by the Ministry of Human Development and Solidarity, accompanied by the Secretary of Sports and the local municipality.

During this activity, seniors were able to enjoy a variety of recreational activities, games, dances, raffles and music at the Angel Cayetano Arias Sports Center.

Also on Saturday, the 3rd Patagonian Karate Tournament was held in the capital of Rio Negro, with the presence of karate fighters from the region, who were measured by the Vidma Municipal Karate Schools and the Rio Negro Karate Association. And the accompaniment of the Río Negro Deporte.

Cycling in Chole Chole, 300 km from the capital of the province, took center stage in the cycling race on a selected route for the Central Valley, the Araucania category (from 16 to 18 years), head of the disciplinary zone technician and the support of the Río Negro Deporte team.

Another of the animated activities on Sunday was the Basketball Technical Center, which was created in parallel by players from the U13 and Mini categories for the Lower Valley, Upper Valley and Andean Zone. This activity is a continuation of the work started in May between the Rio Negro Basketball Federation and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to strengthen the discipline in the region.

It should be noted that the sports training took place in the Rio Negro weekend at the Rio Negro Deporte Sports Health and Gender Areas. Nutrition graduate Gianina Montenegro and professor Romina Barros in Fernández Oro, where both speakers were able to contribute their knowledge on both topics, held a lecture entitled “Sports Nutrition and Discrimination and Violence”.

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