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  • The Córdoba Sports Agency held the 2nd Training Conference inspired by Adapted Sports.
  • It was in the framework of the program “Córdoba includes you” before a large audience. Areas of 60 Cordoba.

The event was held at the Kempes Sports Center in front of a large audience who gathered to experience the seminar-workshop. The main objective of the conference was to provide new tools for all areas close to physical activity for people with disabilities.

The conference was free of charge and was accompanied by the Undersecretary of Disability, Rehabilitation and Inclusion of the State of Córdoba.

The warm and informal presentation ceremony was presided over by Hector Campana, President of the Córdoba Sports Agency, Diego Brazale, Director of Special Sports Projects, and Marite Puga, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Disabilities, Rehabilitation and Inclusion.

During the opening, visibly moved, Campana said: “At the Córdoba Sports Agency, we are very satisfied and happy with what we have done for 15 years in the field of fixed sports, but we are sure that we can always do more and improve. Today we have 55 sports disciplines where many of our boys get a chance in life. We need to build opportunities in sportsHe said.

In response, Brazzalle stated:These days we deal not only with commitment but also with disability. We must promote equality and inclusion. Today we will put into practice the structure that the region has been running for 15 years.He said.

One of the highlights of the day was the presentation of a state-of-the-art basketball board that facilitates sports practice for the blind or visually impaired.

Many protagonists have this story; Enthusiasts involved in this exciting project led by historical teacher and trainer Walter Garron. Alejo Barrios, a student of biomedical engineering at the Faculty of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of the National University of Córdoba, designed the board based on the first prototype made years ago.

Agenda for the day:

  • Appropriate treatment of the disabled.
  • An introduction to basketball for the blind.
  • Fixed fence entrance.
  • Suitable swimming introduction.
  • An edited introduction to football.

In addition to the theoretical content presented, there were practical and hands-on opportunities through various demonstrations; The participants participated in various activities.

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