Mixed 7-a-side soccer tournament begins – Diario de Queretaro

The first mixed 7-a-side football competition “Yo Soi Futbol” started this Saturday in the facilities of Unidad Deportiva El Pueblito, this competition brought together the registered teams as well as Smiley Queretaro. They wished the best to the various officials who played very interesting games and that the activities of this football event will continue this Sunday.

The activity of this competition started this Saturday with the opening ceremony, in the organizing committee Marian Díaz Leal, as well as Rafael Montoya, Secretary of Social Development of the Municipality of Corregidora, Arturo Campos, President of the Democratic Banking League. , and Rubén Briseño Trejo “Quiro”, all wishing success to the participants, but appreciated the efforts of the organizers, for which they expressed their support to continue promoting the sport, but above all, it showed that violence does not enter football. .

At the end of the opening ceremony, the matches started with the teams of Nariz and Chilena facing Rafa Montoya, while the other match was played by Rocos against Libre de Negocios. By the way, the members of Smiley Queretaro participated in the Rocos team, which showed the quality of football training that this football team has shown since its inception.

Mariana Díaz Lel reminded that this tournament aims to show that football is union, family, love, for which there is no doubt that this great atmosphere is expected to continue this Sunday in the sports department of El Publito, because on Saturday there were very good meetings, in addition to helping the Queretaro team, the champion of this tournament Remembering that there is a prize of 5 thousand pesos among other prizes.

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