Migueltura celebrates the XXIX Javier Rivas Local Championship.

Migueltura celebrated this Tuesday the XXIX local swimming championship, which for the second year in a row bears the name of local swimmer Javier Rivas, who will lead the championship. The competition was attended by 50 female and male participants in junior, junior, infant and cadet categories and was attended by Sports Council member Diego Rodriguez.

“This is one of the first sporting events before the official launch on September 7” and “one of the most popular championships in the area,” enthused the mayor. “.

Rodríguez from the Department of Sports “We are working on the line of honoring our athletes, which is why, since last year, this championship has been named after Miguel Tureno Javier Rivas, a great sports reference at the national and international level.”

The councilor also explained that for next year’s XXX edition, “we want to use our facilities, work with the swimming clubs of Ciudad Real and promote a championship that is a benchmark in Castilla-La Mancha. And give more visibility to all the athletes from Migueltura who are part of these swimming clubs.”

In the same line, the swimmer Javier Rivas, who is the coach of CN Ciudad Real, evaluated the championship. He is very satisfied with the desire to create a benchmark competition, especially since “boys and girls from Cidade Real Clubs will participate here.” Rivas emphasized the importance of giving visibility to this sport and gave a “very positive” value to the celebration of this year’s tournament.

The championship ended with the awarding of medals by Diego Rodríguez, a member of the Sports Council, Pedro Redondo, a new technology consultant, and Javier Rivas, a swimmer.

In this way, in the female junior category, Jimena Nieto was classified first, followed by Leir Rosal and Lison Bouchet. On the other hand, the winners in the men’s fry were Mario Erance, Jesus Gomez and Rafael Gomez.

The first place in the women’s Benjamin category was Laura Gomez, while the first 3 in the men’s Benjamin category were Lucas del Castillo, Gonzalo Arevalo and Iker Peco.

Hugo Arevalo and Andres González won first place in the boys’ category and Paula Zapata was the winner in the girls’ category.

Finally, in the cadet category, in the female modality, the first place was Maria del Prado Rubio, the second was Clara Rivas and the third was Belen Neo. In the men’s cadets, Samuel Rascon placed first, David Lopez second, and Hugo Escobar third.

All participants were given gifts and medals for all categories.

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