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David Villafranca

Los Angeles (United States), (EFE) – For many, he is the “GOAT” of the NFL, that is, the greatest of all time. But the ambition of Tom Brady, who returned to the competition after his retirement, is looking for new fields to conquer and now he has set his sights on film and television, the media where he signed a contract to become an analyst when he retires at 375. million dollars.

Less than a month after announcing his intention — later retracted — to leave the NFL, Brady announced his Hollywood debut in the comedy “Eighty for Brady” in February.

Based on true events, this Paramount film tells the story of four women, all of retirement age, who are huge fans of the New England Patriots and embark on a road trip to see Brady and his team win the Super Bowl. In 2017

Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Lily Tomlin and Sally Field play the unlikely quartet, while Brady plays himself.

Following in the footsteps of other sports stars like Michael Jordan or LeBron James, Brady, who lives on the big screen, seems to want to surround himself with the best at the movie premiere.

For example, Jane Fonda has two Oscars in her window, and Rita Moreno is one of only 17 people in history to be an “Igot” (winning at least an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony).

The quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not only be an actor in this film, but also a producer, because in Hollywood they usually make more money in front of the cameras.

To promote his first film, the quarterback He used 199 Productions, an audiovisual production company that started in 2020 and takes its name from where Brady was selected in the draft.

It is not the only production company since the founding of Sports Religion to specialize in sports documentaries.

Returning to 199 Productions, this company has other projects in progress, such as “The Best Roasts Ever” for Netflix, a comedy spot that follows the popular American “Roast” format, where a group of celebrities gather to make fun of each other – always with. Humor – to the celebrity that happens to be Brady in this case.

The Netflix ad has already made it clear that they won’t be taking shots at Brady, and in their captions they describe him – not to mention his 7 Super Bowl wins – as an avocado ice cream fan, sixth round pick and husband of Gisele Bundchen.

A millionaire analyst

Outside of these comedy jobs, Brady hopes to combine his interest in audiovisuals with his NFL expertise, which is why he signed on to become a sports commentator for the Fox Network in May after retiring from American football.

According to The New York Post, Brady will receive $375 million from Fox for a 10-year contract.

While Brady said he has “unfinished business” in announcing his return to the NFL, the decision doesn’t appear to be related to money.

Brady is ranked ninth on the Forbes 2022 list of highest-paid athletes with $83.9 million (of which $52 million comes from his business and non-player income).

For example, the quarterback has sponsors such as clothing brand Under Armor or cryptocurrency exchange company FTX; It has companies like TB12 (about nutrition and sports) or BRADY (fashion). And recently he has focused his work as a trader in Autograph, a platform focused on NFT (Non-Token) sports stars.


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