Magic Johnson Wants To Retire No. 6 With Every NBA Franchise…Hidden By LeBron James

yesE tribute and acts of memory to figure Bill Russell It is very important in his track. The Celtics won 11 rings As with He fights racism and supports equality and other social issues.

Magic JohnsonHe had a good relationship with him, he proposed a new initiative. Number 6 out of all NBA franchises In honor of the famous pvot who wore that number.

The idea suggested by magic It destroys Russell’s number 6. As it was done with him in his time 42 in Major League Baseball, retired by Jackie Robinson.. The legacy of both is the same. The Celtics pvot paved the way for black players to reach the NBA. After becoming the first African American coach on the league’s bench. Robinson was the first black in Major League Baseball.

The Magic’s proposal seems sensible, but the plan conflicts with the number worn by one of the NBA’s biggest stars. LeBron James. The Lakers forward turned the usual 23 in 2021.The 6 have always been a part of me. It means a lot to me, from my family and numbers and natural things to what I believe and so on, but my thinking will not change,” he explained on the day about the new number.

Neither NBM nor LeBron have yet responded to the Magic proposal. It will be important to know if the league is willing to do this and if soWe welcome a new number change for the Lakers forward.

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