LeBron James was spotted playing in the NBA with his two sons.

It has been many years since LeBron James announced his intention to play with his son Brony after reaching the NBA. This first-year senior plays the final course before declaring himself eligible for the draft. His father has already made it clear that he would have no problem signing him to the team that selected him last February, even if a two-year renewal with the Lakers would complicate or postpone that option. However, in the text that serves as a cover Picture supported sport Regarding the predictions of Brony and Bryce James, LeBron said he believes it is possible to play in the best league in the world with his two sons.

Brice is only 15 years old, so he has four years left to see himself in his older brother’s place. However, after the last big growth spurt months ago, expectations about it have increased. There is nothing surprising given the importance of the media around his father. Sharing the court with both of them means LeBron will continue to play well into his 40s when he turns 38 next December. “I feel I can play for a long time. It all depends on my body and most importantly, my mind. If I can stay mentally fresh and motivated, even the sky is the limit for me.”

(Cover photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images)

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