“It got out of hand and I became obsessed.”

Julia Pujadas He is in Rome to compete in the European Swimming Championships in the 200m butterfly. An athlete who knew what he was going through at the age of 20 and who never gave up even in the worst of times. Anorexia He had to win during the pandemic.

It’s still not easy to talk about the anorexia that Julia Puyadas experienced. Olympic gates; “I tried to reduce my weight as best as possible, but it got out of control and gradually I became very busy.”

That obsession was exacerbated by being locked at home due to the pandemic. “Instead of avoiding weight gain, what I did was to play sports and be alive to play To eat very little And I got sick and lost a lot of weight,” he explains about his experience.

Return to the pool

Social media hasn’t helped much. He said he has uploaded photos where the body was seen and where you can see that. I was losing weight.: “I was not accepted at all.”

Thanks to psychologists and his family, he is now back to his main job, which he loves so much. Your advice b Overcome the disease: “Surround yourself with people who love you, who aren’t lonely, and who won’t shut up and lie about everything.” Because for them 20 years And we wish these Europeans a lot of fun with our swimming.

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