“Iron Man” is dressed in Malaga – more sports

Daniel Luke

The JetSuit, which allows the wearer to be lifted by the carers in his arms and the long-awaited dream of being able to fly as a superhero Iron Man, has become a sensation this Saturday at the Vélez-Malaga Aerodrome (Malaga). .

Made by the Gravity Industry Company and its inventor Richard Browning, the action of this amazing suit was demonstrated on an exhibition flight with over 300 people flying to see the man do the unthinkable.

According to the developers, the suit can reach 136 km/h and can weigh 25 kg or 30 kg if it is loaded with fuel attached to its back. Commercial aircraft.

To boot, it has two turbines in each arm that expel air and create a deafening roar in the area, forcing the suit’s wearer and creator, Browning, to wear earplugs to dampen the harsh noise of the resistance. And this caused children and adults to cover their ears during the flight.

This exhibition took place at the “Aerodynamics Academy” pilot school in Vélez-Malaga during the sixth edition of the Torre del Mar International Air Festival, which will take place this Sunday and for the first time in its history include the participation of the suit designed by Browning.

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