“I didn’t want to turn the partridge, there was no need.”

David Garcia talks about his personal situation during the transfer market. In an interview given to Cope Navarra, he admitted without mentioning anyone He was silent. The one from Ibero didn’t want to trigger any result.

“There were interests from good teams, that’s the truth,” he admitted before making things very clear. “I was very calm at all times. Agent: ‘I don’t want to know anything. Anytime something comes up, you call me. I wanted to enjoy the summer. I am focused and I am very happy here. I don’t want to turn the partridge because there’s no interest, it’s stupid to do that.”

In the conversation, with the journalist Alberto Sanz, he reviewed such topics as more The configuration of the new template, valuing the works of Braulio and Cata. “Since the sports management, things have been done well by the corporation and the foundations have been maintained,” pointed out the defender, who went “from less to more” after some muscle pains in this start.

Actually, the conversation is fixed The highest number of games in recent years in Osasuna. It has 238 officers in 28 years. I love working on my body and it’s the best way to avoid injury. I have played almost everything during these seasons. I want to help the team by playing as much as possible.

He hasn’t scored a goal yet. Opponents will look at you more. “This year I realized that the opponents know me more and are on me. I have to create those gaps and try to score goals.


He commented on Aimar Oroz: “I’m not that surprised because I know him and he has a nerve that comes naturally to him.” I knew I could take advantage of the opportunity. I am very happy for him, for the work he is doing. He has a talent of his own. He does not burn the ball, he presents himself, he is different from others, he is not common in Osasuna. He can give us a lot.”

And of course at the beginning of this course he talked about his friend Unay Garcia, who was a couple. “He is a close friend off the field. We fought many battles together. I am happy with my soul. He has had bad times. We hope there will be as much continuity as possible.”

When he was very close to going to the national team

Every time Luis Enrique presented his squad list for the international window last season, there was something floating around Rogillo. But the door never opened for David Garcia, however Osasuna’s own defense has shown these days that he’s not far behind.. “I was very close last year,” he confirmed without giving up hope that one day he will get the chance. “The personal basis is to give my best here. One thing will be the result of another. It’s a new season and my goal is to give my best and if it’s good enough for them to call me, I’m happy with life. Dominant aerial game, powerful in the area and powerful from set pieces. Among the tools Here are a few.Next Friday, there will be a new list of Luis Enrique.

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