Heartbreaking story of Xavi Hernández by Cadiz fan

Cádiz – Barça was detained for a few minutes due to a serious medical emergency in the doctor’s office. A fan in Cadiz Fife needed medical attention in the stands, and for a long time feared the worst. This was recognized by Xavi Hernandez, the coach of the Kule team.

“It was time they told us there was nothing to do,” the Barça coach said in a press conference.

“We asked what was going on. We had to put ourselves in different situations,” said Xavi, describing how everything was practiced on the field.

“Fortunately nothing happened and we were able to continue the game,” said Xavi.

The Kule coach praised the image of the referee of the match, Del Cerro Grande: “The referee has been sensational.

“It’s more than sport, humanity is more than football,” Xavi said.

The technician told how they saw the situation: “When he was talking to the doctor, the physios… the people from Cadiz came. Then I think a cameraman fainted.”

“In the end there was no bad luck, which was the most important thing,” says Xavi.

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