Harvard University gives the keys to perfect happiness

Is there absolute happiness? They offer a series from Harvard University Keys to achieving maximum happiness. A paradise that most of the society follows and away from stress Highly recommended for our mental health. Can it succeed?

Harvard Graduate School is internationally renowned for its research. In one of his latest studies, he begins a series of tips for achieving total satisfaction and encourages you to follow these steps and you will surely find something worthwhile for yourself.

There are experts who say it is. Happiness is directly dependent on the decisions and attitudes we show when faced with the inevitable problems in life.. Have you ever thought enough about how just going through a pandemic can affect our physical and mental health on a personal level? There are many people who need more attention for their mental health and whose well-being is affected by many issues.

It’s not about getting rid of life’s obstacles, it’s about having enough emotional weapons to combat them. Dr. Tal Ben Shasar, a psychologist specializing in the field of positivity developed at Harvard University, has many in this field. This expert at Positive psychology He warns us about the advice we should follow if we want to feel good about ourselves and find happiness.

Not only will you experience benefits that directly affect your physiological or mental health, but also your own personality and social relationships. Do exerciseAlthough it sounds cliché, it allows you to stimulate your mental well-being and relax your muscles. We make endorphins, and we produce those happy neurotransmitters that stay with them all day long. It’s not a question of obsessing over a particular sport or extreme intensity: anything goes as long as we do our part and the effort is genuine. After playing sports, hydrate yourself, stretch and go to rest, where you will have enough energy.

It is another key. thank you. At Harvard, they know the ability to take credit for something truly important on their own initiative. Another important thing is to be optimistic about the future. Like coping, it is a way of dealing with problems.

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