Gustavo Ion: “I could have played 15 years in the NBA.”

Gustavo Ion He doesn’t get tired. He was not injured. I can’t get enough. He is completely retired from basketball.As you always wanted. Despite the grumbling of his surroundings, family and friends, the decision is irreversible. “100% of the people around me tell me I’m not retired,” he says. “It’s better this way, without dragging myself on the ground.” A 16-year career that will probably end tonight, the Mexican basketball player (16 titles) is protected by the ’12 Warriors’ and the legendary constellation in Guadalajara, not far from his hometown of Zapotan (Nayarit). National axes: from Manuel Raga to Horacio Llamas. And he, of course. The final sound of ‘Titan’.

– How does this special day feel for you?

i feel I’m scared because it’s the first time I’ve retired And I think it will be the only one (laughs). I’m very scared because it’s something I don’t know It is not a normal game but a unique and unique game. I’m already looking forward to it.

– What would you say if you put 10-year-old Gustavo in front of you?

I would tell him to calm down. that everything will be fineTo continue on the path of having fun, enjoying that commitment, responsibility, perseverance that has distinguished me since childhood. cool down. Enjoy the moment and go from day to day, every situation he encountered, because in most cases I do not allow myself to enjoy the moment; I was already thinking about the next day. So, take it easy, that everything will be fine, it is not always necessary to go to compulsory demonstrations.


– What was the moment in your career where you said ‘I made it’?

I’ve never had a moment like this. I always felt like I was on top. I always wanted more. The moment you decide that, it’s over, but in a big way. I won’t retire because I can’t play due to injury. I am happy, fulfilled, satisfied with my career.

– What are your best memories of your time at Real Madrid? You were part of the most winning team in the history of the institution, a historic team…

It’s been five amazing years of basketball. Real basketball. I was at my peak. I remember sharing the dressing room and the court with great players; with some already in the NBA; With youngsters like Luka Doncic who were about to go to the NBA and ‘Faku’ Campazo, with a great coach like Pablo Lasso who was perfect for Real Madrid. The best club in the world, a great facility that includes football, basketball, facilities, fans. It was a great platform, packed on and off the field. It was wonderful. I was 100% sure when I made the decision. I didn’t want to have any doubts and so it happened. I had the NBA and Real Madrid and I decided to go to Real Madrid because I knew everything would be fine, I would have stability. That is essential to being successful.

– Was it your best time?

He was completely mature in every way.. in the head Physically he was amazing. When physicality is combined with maturity, experience and knowledge of the game, there are big results.

– Let’s go back to your three years in the NBA. How did you feel when you found out you were going to play in the league?

I felt a great joy that I cannot express to you in words. You should feel it. ‘Wow, I’ve achieved what I’ve dreamed of all my life,’ he said. The NBA is awesome. Four teams in three years. But I didn’t want to tour the NBA from team to team. Maybe one can play, but not the other. It was uncertainty. Emotional and sports instability. I didn’t want that. He could have been in the NBA for 15 years, but he wanted to play basketball. I had to get off the plane once on business. When I get to Madrid I will play at a high level; The EuroLeague is very close to the NBA. It doesn’t have the exposure of the NBA, the marketing, the entertainment, but in terms of sportsmanship, the Europa League is very close. I wanted to be there, to be a part of it. In all the titles I won in my career, I was an important player for the team.

– Who would be in your ‘ideal quintet’? What kind of former teammates would make up that dream team of your career?

Felipe Reyes, Al Hofford, Paco Cruz, Sergio Lulu and I will keep Luca Donchi. Out of 3, in size. If I had to lead them, a shooter like Jayce Carroll, a point guard like Campazo, aggressive in defense and attack, I would repeat Reyes without a doubt and also Sergio Lull.

– Gustavo, what do you have next to you?

I have been in the business world for eight years. Construction businesses, clothing, meat producers. I will continue there. i like this. And with my companies, I don’t see much distance to support Mexican basketball. Keep helping all children. Continue to open camps, clinics, and then not to live, but to develop, to support the support of basketball. Basketball has given me enough to keep asking for more.. It’s time to give things to this sport. I have been doing it for a few years now and will continue to do so.

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