From the cinema to the swimming pool

It starts next month Balearic Water Polo League. The players of different categories started the pre-season to spend good time together and strengthen their relationship Campus sports A movie theater is booked in Osimax this Wednesday for entertainment. 42 secondsA film that tells the exciting and fascinating story of the Spanish water polo team in Barcelona 92. «Many dream of reaching the Games. This Olympic generation It was chaos, but they were champions with work. Joan Frances Lado, coach and coordinator of Campus eSports water polo, who has seen the sport grow a lot in the Balearic Islands in recent years, said the children are learning examples to follow. Feminine and also masculine.

Last season the Balearic Islands had six clubs, five from the island and one from Ibiza; 454 players are assigned by the federation. 333 men and 121 women. “Clubs make a great effort to jump to the national category and it is important to develop to work in the lower categories. It is also important to develop a sports monitoring and updating program that is not available in the community,” said Nuria Peria, president of the Balearic Main Federation.

Despite the growth in recent years, it is important that two clubs on the island, Ciutat de Palma and Mallorca Waterpolo, are in the national category. Sport is still a minority.: Compared to peninsular groups, it is difficult to catch the smallest ones who continue to have a competitive disadvantage. “If we play twelve games a year, you can play eighty in Catalonia,” said Lado, who takes part in tournaments outside the island and organizes friendlies to ease the situation.

CampusEsport players train at UIB facilities.

Still, many children love this sport from childhood. “It’s grown a lot since I started playing ten years ago. We were 17 people in this club and now we’re up to 90 and the women’s sport has improved a lot. Now I play and, in between, I like to have it.” Responsibility With those who started,” says 20-year-old Andrea Guardiola. “I started swimming, but a friend told me to and I fell in love with the team spirit and intensity,” said 13-year-old Lucia Gete.

“This is sport. A lot of adrenaline, refreshing, suitable for those who want to be in the water. You end up tired, but it’s very satisfying, says 10-year-old Robert Pons. Aina Vidal, a junior, says she likes team sports and is better known in the water, although she wants it to be better known: “When I say I play water polo, they either don’t know it or they don’t.” Ask me if I can stand in the pool,” he says with a laugh.

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