From playing sports to sleeping: tips for coping with the effects of the time change

east Sunday, September 11 He lives at midnight Time change Summer for our country.

That night, the Hours should be advanced 60 minutes Throughout the national territory except for the Magallanes region and Chilean Antarctica.

Experts warn that there are some reasons for the change Influence on peopleBut also delivery Recommendations To deal with them better.


Biological impairment

As explained by the German Clinic, the change of time is inevitable a Disobedience in the biological schedule of people, to An hour of sleeplessness

In that context, the Clinica Alamana Sleep Center Medical Director, Dr. Leonardo SerraApart from the lost hours of sleep, he detailed that the main problem is related to the issue It means long term.

According to the words, Humans need light to start the morningBecause it directly affects Emotion, affect and our cognitive processes.

The doctor suggests that this will affect us in a negative way because the time change will make the sunrise later, so he advises. Expose yourself to as much light as possible during the day.


Sleep problems

On the other hand, because the practitioner has more hours of light during the day, People do more activities and sleep lessThis can directly affect health.

According to Dr. Sera, this is a Early aging, cognitive and psychomotor problemsCombined with heart problems Heart attack and stroke.

He pointed out that it would be more practical to have a specialist when faced with this situation A single schedule synchronized with people’s sleeping hours.

“Ideally, we could have. Winter time of the year. This is the recommendation of the Society of Sleep Medicine and what most of us do for these chronobiology and sleep disorder issues,” he declares.


Synchronization again

In order to alleviate the effects of time change, it is recommended to consult a neurologist The next morning, get up as early as possible Change to time and Avoid sleep.

This, in this way to have people enough sleep And it can Sleep at a reasonable hour at night.

The expert also emphasizes Do exercise It is a good tool to help “Resynchronize very quickly And you will have no problem adapting to this change.

Finally, they emphasize that the specialist is suitable Avoid all kinds of digital screens and lights before sleeping.


what about you, What do you think about the time change?

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