Ever since she was a baby, she has been one of the best athletes with Down syndrome in the country and Disney cast her as a princess.

Jacinta Martínez Ranceze, champion in artistic swimming and one of the top references in sports for athletes with Down syndrome in Argentina (Walt Disney Company Latin America)

Jacinta Martinez Ranceze It is described as marmid in water. That’s in your field of choice and there. The sense of joy and freedom he experiences is absolute.. One of the main references in the sport for athletes with Down syndrome in Argentina, she is a champion in artistic swimming and speaks with a wide smile of her passion for competition, her commitment to training and her love of swimming.

Since 2017, the 21-year-old has represented the country and Collecting many medals: more than ten silver and gold. The most important in terms of competition is that in Sardinia 2019 the main openings of swimming and artistic in Europe were obtained, and he won the first place in the “only technical” and “only artistic” categories, which is ahead of the number one of the previous world championship. . His next goal: the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

In the year In 2021, on World Down Syndrome Day, he won a gold medal at the Tri-21 National Games (a national championship for youth and youth with Down syndrome) and presented the book. trust meWritten by Lorena La Terza, she recounts her life, her athletic career and her goals.

This year he was chosen for the new campaign Disney princess, which wants to encourage boys, girls and young people in Latin America with real stories of courage, overcoming and perseverance. There he participates with Mexican athletes Alexa Moreno; Beatrice Ferreira, from Brazil and Macarena Perez, from Chile.

Jacinta is a fan of the movie "The Little Mermaid" And admire the character of Ariel (Walt Disney Company Latin America).
Jacinta is a fan of the movie “The Little Mermaid” and admires the character Ariel (Walt Disney Company Latin America).

Freedom to swim

The interview with Jacinta is done with amplification because she says that she prefers to see who is talking to her and rather than hear their voice. In front of the camera, she flaunts her long blonde hair and gives a hearty smile every time she answers. Next to her is Raquel, her mother and one of the coaches, who kisses her and caresses her face when she reacts.

“Water is my second home and I feel like a mermaid there in the sea.”, he says. Her Swimming Start Not long after birth, Raquel was taking up swimming and the water soon became a part of her life. “When I was a baby, I swam like a little fish. I kept swimming,” he affirms.

As of 2017, Jacinta has practiced Taekwondo (she has reached blue belt) and classical dance.And all of that slowly fell by the wayside when coach Gabby Biglino had the wonderful idea to try out artistic swimming and combine what she knows how to do with swimming and dancing, which has done her so much good.

The young swimmer never stops collecting medals (The Walt Disney Company Latin America)
The young swimmer never stops collecting medals (The Walt Disney Company Latin America)

“Artistic swimming makes me feel good. Adrenaline and also happinessA desire to be in the water because I love to swim. In the pool, swim in the sea and see underwater animals like manta rays and many fish like I saw in Miami. I will watch them and see how they do,” he said and smiled. In that moment alone in that wonderful world, he feels that he cannot ask for more from life.

In the afternoon, the coach tried his hand at art swimming and traveled to Mexico to compete in the Cancun Open, just six months later. He won the first silver medal. “These were very exciting days,” he recalls, and since then, he has been fully focused on what he found to be his passion. Synchronized swimming.

“He put other activities aside and started training for three hours three times a week,” says his mother Raquel. The nine hours a week were the demands of a new arena: outdoor competition.

He then returned from Montevideo, Argentina Open, Buenos Aires Games, Evita Games in Mar del Plata, Canada World Cup, two gold medals from Sardinia and participated in virtual competition during the pandemic. He competed in Mexico, Peru and Spain and the Pan American Tournament, where he won three gold medals. He is now preparing for the United States Paralympic World Championships in August.

Jacinta Team Synchronized Swimming Competition (Walt Disney Company Latin America)
Jacinta Team Synchronized Swimming Competition (Walt Disney Company Latin America)

I’m training a lot: five times a week. Three times a week I train in the water and on land, run, stretch and do hip flexors, I also run and bike, rope and do weight training,” explains Raquel, who helps her evaluate all aspects of her training. It includes

Raquel doesn’t shy away from emotion when she speaks. As a mother I am incredibly proud of her achievements, I am amazed because she wanted to do it since she was little and we will not refuse anything, as long as it is reasonable, because we understand that they cannot be. In society and we didn’t want them to be, I had a house, and he tells that The family always goes with her “in all the projects she has in her head”.

But there was also pressure: “We only asked him to graduate from high school.” After that, it was all about his desire to continue his studies.

In the year At the end of 2021, Jacinta will complete a two-year university degree: training for employment at Universidad Católica Argentina. He then attended the seminary to become a cathedral at San Isidro Cathedral.

“I love teaching kids about Jesus and faith in God,” he said, taking professional baking and cooking courses at IAG.

"With hard work and effort, anything can be achieved,” says Jacinta (The Walt Disney Company Latin America).
“With determination and effort, anything can be achieved,” says Jacinta (Walt Disney Company Latin America).

“I make very good breads, I like it very much. My favorite to make is naan., which is flat bread, made of flour and yeast and eaten in India. I also make lactals, crisps, hot dogs, hamburgers, pebbets and brioche,” he lists, adding that he will take a theoretical bakery exam the day after the interview.

“That’s how we are in this house because twice a week he comes with a container this size (opens his chest almost full),” Raquel exaggerates and laughs.

He says more proudly. She was chosen as a Disney princess in Argentina. I felt so happy when they chose me, it was beautiful and the best thing in my life. I feel a lot of responsibility to be able to inspire other children The Little Mermaid.

“She is my princess because of her characteristics: Ariel wants to belong to two worlds, land and water; and she wants to be part of the world to marry her prince, but her father does not allow her, he does not believe her, and she has to show that she can belong to that world, and her father leaves her. Ariel is curious, It is intelligent and there is nothing surprising and I have those qualities and I can belong to those worlds,” he affirms.

Happy, he sent a farewell message: “My dream is to inspire others; But we have a ceiling. With determination and effort, everything can be achievedHe said.

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