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Only an imperious Rudy Gobert saved France from the hole they were in and led his team to the quarterfinals of the EuroBasket in Berlin with a war-related 20 points and 17 rebounds, seven of them offensively. Suffering 86-87 victory after more time. Ataman’s side had the game in hand at the end of the final quarter, with a lead on the scoreboard and a couple of free kicks and a layup, but they were fouled and tied up, leaving the door open for Gobert to feast on. France are through to the quarter-finals and will face the winner of the match between Serbia and Italy next Sunday (6:00pm).

The French team hung on full blast at Gobert’s 2.15m. Yabusele gave Sanli a tough time as the Minnesota Timberwolves wall bought Sengun a toothache with both hoops. An 0-7 start has come for the injured Larkin, a turkey orphan, with no aerial attack, often failing miserably on forced shots (the first basket after a dry spell) and especially on triples (the first one was hit in the eighth attempt). France is comfortable (4-13, 11-18, 17-31) and coach Collet has reversed the direction of change: Fall inherits the threat in the paint at 2.18m, Hertel is added on the outside and Poirier on the inside. Turkey strengthened the score before the break with two triples by Tuncer and Osman to the left (35-43).

And suddenly France went dark. With Turkey tightening its belt, the game turned into a series of losses in both halves of the trial, when the score was 44-49. Tanser was out of the three and the Turkish soldiers changed the script of the film. Ataman’s boys ran with the French cake: 19-0, only six points in the third quarter, seven and a half minutes without taking a basket in their mouth and 22-6 at halftime. France was on the ropes until Gobert re-emerged and the blood returned to the dying team’s veins (57-56). The race turned into a three-point race with Mbayi, Osmani, Fournier and Sanli representing. There were 59 shots from the perimeter in the game (36 for the Turks).

The match continued in a dynamic manner where Turkey found success in their fingers. With 12 seconds left, it wasn’t a luauau-cabarot-like game for the Ataman boys, who led 77-75 with two free throws and a layup. But Osman missed two of his attempts (he missed two crucial ones in the 2019 World Cup against the United States), the team lost the ball and Gobert fumbled the ball into overtime. That was already the French center region, omnipresent on the rebound, a magnet for every ball. Turkey responded with triples by Osman and Korkmaz, but Gobert made the game his own. A last-ditch steal by Tharpe saw France reach the quarter-finals as they suffered the last straw.

Doncic shoots against Belgium.Annette Hills (Reuters)

Doncic and only Doncic

Slovenia’s victory over Belgium (88-72) had only one name, Luka Doncic, author of 35 points and five assists to send the winner to the quarterfinals. On Sunday (12.00), Ukraine or Poland will be waiting for them there. The Dallas Mavericks star opened up the floor to dance solo several times, scoring his first triple with a between-the-legs ball dance and a surgeon’s feat. All are supporting actors in Doncic’s film The Beginning and the End of Slovenia. For better and for worse. There are team attacks in which the player who moves the ball from the starting point to the hands of the general captain has only one pass. It’s up to you to make the shot while the others watch.

Doncic went 7-of-15 on two-pointers, 4-of-10 on three-pointers and 9-of-10 on free throws. He scored 11 points in the first quarter, playing every second to score a spot in the middle. Belgium opened up their opposition with quick ball movement and play against team player Doncic. The result served to strengthen the Belgian team’s result more than one. And 63-64 to go ahead in the final quarter. Although the ubiquitous Doncic responds to every concussion with the same argument, talent abounds for individual play. A double-edged sword because it often chokes the ball and reduces the team to one character. He picks up the ball, passes, shoots and accumulates garbage, this situation brings more than one brush on the court. Doncic, and the only Doncic, is the first player since Nikos Galis in 1991 to score 30 or more points (36, 47 and 35) in three straight games at EuroBasket.

Schroeder, on Montenegro.
Schroeder, on Montenegro.Annette Hills (Reuters)

Schroder and many more

Dirk Nowitzki’s retired No. 14 jersey reached the quarterfinals after overcoming a last scare to beat Germany (85-79) at the top of the Mercedes-Benz Arena. This Sunday (20.45) they will play against Antetokounmpo Greece or the Czech Republic. Schroder (22 points and 8 assists) commanded the duties of a very vocal team. Germany is your base and many more. Backing team, with a jaw-dropping comeback (Montenegro’s only two offensive sacks in the entire first half) as a blocker, shares a lot of the ball defensively (19 assists). The engine was turned on by playmaking director Schroder, a free agent after his time with the Houston Rockets. In the second quarter, his one-handed spouse was the image he met in Berlin. The child is trash with a spring.

Germany doubled Montenegro at halftime (48-24) and even though the game seemed settled, Montenegro turned the tide from the perimeter: 12 triples, five of them by Perry, a Unicaja-signed point guard who led the response. His 25 points and Dubljevic’s 22 points forced Schroeder to take back the lead and seal a quarterfinal berth in front of 13,000 spectators at the local party center.

Crosses in the final stage of the Eurobasket.

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