Enes Freedom’s difficult situation: without offers in the NBA and without being able to return to Europe

Andnes Freedom (formerly known as Enes Kanter) is in delicate sporting condition. of middle Turkish, ex Boston CelticsHe is a free agent and is not yet available There is no group Who is interested in your services?

Despite his involvement in offensive activities, his appearance Defense is difficult and this has made it difficult for him to be more popular in the league. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Being the reason For this reason, it is now a team in the NBA.

The player himself spoke from Israel and indicated that yes.Used to criticize China (This is the Chinese market. Very important for league), They may have closed the doors: “Free agency has been open for a month. Normally, You should have already accepted offers. I did not receive this summer Single offer. The reason is that he spoke out against what has been happening in China in the last few months. The Chinese market is a big part of the NBA’s business. Therefore, they allow you to speak freely as much as you want Economic damage. They will cut you right after you do that. It is very sad and unacceptable.”.

A return to Europe is unlikely.

Optional Return to Europe, it doesn’t seem conducive to freedom either. And it’s Turkey In contrast to the regime of Reykjavik Erdogan The president of his country. in fact, Can’t go to Turkey again, Because it will. He is arrested.

of Euroleague Sponsored by Turkish AirlinesSo playing doesn’t seem like an option: “I’m 30 years old, I can play another five or six years. I have no intention of giving up basketball. But I can’t go back to Turkey, it will be a one-way ticket. “I can’t enter Turkey and Turkish Airlines is the main sponsor of the Euroleague,” he said.

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