Did you get them right? From Costa Rica: “Alianza is a small team.”

Did you think there was no reason to worry about Albos before Alianza FC’s CONCACAF League match against Liga Deportiva Alajuela vs Costa Rica?

It seems strong and it is true, we in El Salvador are not used to such clear statements from outsiders, but it happened.Union It’s a small group.” Costa Rica.

These statements were heard by “120 Minutes” of Monumental Sport from Costa Rica.

Panellists discuss what could have been ahead of Alianza FC’s 1-0 win over Liga Deportiva Alajuelas at the Cushtlán Stadium in Costa Rica.

They mentioned that LDA should be careful with Alianza. On the morning of the match on the same day, at Deportes Monumental, they said:

Photo HRE/Jonathan Funes

“El Salvador’s Alianza is not a serious team, Alianza has nothing, it’s a small team.”

“Yes, (Alianza) have faced smaller teams like (Verdes FC).

“What have you done at the regional level? How many CONCACAF League finals have you been to? How many times have you participated in the CONCACAF Champions League and what have you done?”

“Let’s put our feet on the ground, the league will not face a very tough team. It’s good, it’s the champion of El Salvador, but Salvadoran football is the same, it’s been below Costa Rica for many years.”

Let’s not create monsters where they don’t exist.

Will Alianza be able to keep his mouth shut in the return game? Imagine what would happen if this happened, commemorative sports in Costa Rica like…

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