Deportes Valdivia suffered a 2-1 loss to Real San Joaquin to advance to Primera B.

Deportes Valdivia have complicated their options for their long-awaited promotion to Primera B after losing 2-1 in their visit to Real San Joaquin on matchday 20 of the 2022 Second Professional Division National Championship.

In the match at La Pintana Municipal Stadium, “Torreon” was able to take the lead with Gabriel Harding’s goal in the 19th minute of the first half. At 28′, the locals had a great opportunity to tie the game with a free kick, but Leandro Ruiz’s shot went wide and they went into the break with the result.

Already in the second half, San Joaquin went out to match the action, looking for everything, and in 54′ Diego Silva scored a partial score. Already on the finish line, Leandro Ruiz took revenge and converted 2-1 away, which would be crucial to the result.

With this result, Deportes Valdivia is second in the competition with 35 points. However, tonight the leader San Marcos de Arica (37) welcomes Deportes Iberia at home, and if he wins, he will confirm the title and the only place to play the first B in the 2023 season, because there are only two days left for the game.

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