Cuban softball: Two Villa Clarences in the shot

Roger Rosette Y Osvaldo Perez They will be the main images Villa Clara in the National Softball Championship this September in Ciego de Ávila.

Rosette, a left-hander, is one of the mainstays of the national team. Your numbers at World Championship The Czech Republic and the Pan American Games in Lima, both in 2019, proved this. He added six home runs between the two contests.

In this year’s Discipline Pan-American held in Argentina, he started a little cold, but in the decisive example he reconfirmed himself as one of the great Cuban strikers.

For his part, Osvaldito was less prominent as a third baseman in the World Cup and 2019 Pan American Games, but his role changed in the disciplined American.

Osvaldo Perez will guarantee a good defense at the start. (Courtesy of the interview)

Because of the demand on the team, he was moved to first base, and there he was defensively hermetic, the most tactical position in softball. Caught on the first pillow, he looked like a saint for many years. On offense, he did his thing by taking advantage of many opportunities in critical situations.

The two from Villa Clara are preparing for the upcoming challenges in their country: national and international. Kubahora Contact them for details about the event and the objectives of both competitions.

Rosette is very good in the media. After retiring from active sports, he may try his hand as a softball sports analyst.

“We have prepared well. Above all, we have worked physically. In my case, we are working hard to continue improving every day and contribute to the team. Everything is in my hands to get a good result.”

– For national championship purposes?

– We intend to be among the first four places nationally. Our pots are preparing well. We have a lot of new youngsters in the Under-23 team and we hope that they will contribute enough for the team to do well. This tournament will help us prepare for the World Cup, especially as a physical base.

– What comes after the national?

– Once we finish the National, we have to focus on Ciego de Ávila to prepare for the World Cup, which should be very strong. It will be in New Zealand against the best teams in the world, and we hope to sneak into the top eight. The goal is to play well to get good results. The Cuban people expect good things from us.

Osvaldo was calm in front of the newspaper, but he agreed to give us the details of the event.

“We started preparing for the national in the middle of July. We had a lot of work on the physical part to make up for the lost time after the Pan American. We are still working on the body, and we have already started work. The technical-tactical part.”

– How is your personal preparation for the World Cup going?

– The national will be the basis of the World Cup. It will be a tough competition with twelve teams like Argentina, but the quality is even stronger. I’m still working hard as a first baseman to give the team my best.

Two men from Villa Clara are a shot away from national and softball world championships. They will have a leading role in both races, especially Rosette with aluminum and Osvaldito with gloves. Two Villa Claras who love softball and give it their all.

Osvaldo Perez was very comfortable with the bat in the Pan American for Argentina. (Courtesy of the interview)

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