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The National Motocross Championship will be played on the sixth day this weekend at the La Planta MX circuit in the Maule region.

CHILE MX 2022 returns to the south-central zone of the country and, in preparation for the national holidays, the sixth day of the season will be held on September 10 and 11 at the La Planta MX circuit in Talaca.

The new day of Chile MX, the last season of the year, is expected to be one of the most crowded, with strong debates in the main series, confirming the development and consolidation of the championship highlighted with the best motocross in the main series. Between Sergio Villaronga, Matias Pavez and Javier Vásquez, who won on the last day in Cartagena.

The Municipality of Maulino is delighted to be a part of this motorsport festival, not only supporting talent on two wheels, but also injecting resources into the community and helping local entrepreneurs attending the conference.

We are going to have great exhibitors from all over the country and our community, so we invite the residents of Talca to participate in this sport in vehicles. I think it will be a great show to enjoy with the family,” said Juan Carlos Diaz, mayor of Talca.

A rider who has been looking forward to this day in the capital of motocross is Javier Vásquez, who is actually from Talca and hopes to win again to close the first place in the overall standings of the MX1 category.

“It’s going to be a great day, I was responsible for seeing the circuit at the weekend. It will be very technical, very difficult and tiring. Pilots love it because it is something different that is not often seen; And for a public that is a great fan of motorcycles here, this will be a great race,” commented Vásquez.

It is clear how Villarongan is betting on the discount: “The first thing is to take the holeshot, to be able to lead the race from the start.” Starting from behind complicates everything, and you have to go in to do a lot of physicality, which makes the race more grueling.

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Commenting on the upcoming day, Chile MX General Producer Patricio Cabera said: “We have been surprised by the progress this year. Every day was a real party and we expect thousands of spectators to come this weekend.

Regarding what the runners will find, Cabrera said: “The riders will be on a very difficult road, it is a very sandy ground, it does not allow mistakes, it will break a lot as the day progresses, which everyone should be very much.” It’s focused on not making mistakes.”

For those interested in participating in the Chile MX Sports Festival: Training will be held on Saturday September 10th and the race will be held on Sunday September 11th.

Table CHILE MX 2022

General MX1

Sergio Villaronga 239 points

Mathias Pavez 192

Javier Vasquez 187

General WMX

Catalina Abarzua 220 points

Ignacia Riveros 200

Abigail Reyes 183

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