Cervezas La Sagra Bet on Sagre sports

La Sagra Region Sports will have the support of the brewery that takes its name.
This happened on Friday morning when Carlos García, the CEO and founder of the brand, joined the presidents of CD Illescas, CD Yuncos and Quijote Rugby Club to make the agreement visible for the Arma de la Sagra to be worn by the three clubs in their team jerseys, in the category with members over 18 years of age.
It is a two-season deal for the 2022/2023 season at CD Yuncos and Quijote Rugby Club and the Ilscan team.
Likewise, in the bars of the CD Illescas and Quijote Rugby Club stadiums, the brewery’s essential references are served exclusively by La Sagra 0.0.
García expressed his joy in accompanying the clubs in different leagues “with the fantasy of uniting his love for Toledo, La Sagra and sport”. In addition to highlighting their work and sportsmanship and highlighting the social work of Kyoto Rugby Club.

Javier Rico, president of CD Uncos, thanked the beer brand for its trust in the First Preferred Club project and expressed his desire to take the beer brand to the region and “celebrate the victory with beer”.

President of CD Illescas, his association with the brand in CD Illesca’s main communication and advertising media, such as the stadium’s audiovisual panel and billboards, with a red away kit with the beer brand.

Finally, Quijote Rugby Club President Javier Humans recalled that this is the only rugby club in La Sagra and that Croveza has a lot to do with the philosophy that has made La Sagra hold itself internationally. The club is the only club in Europe with all categories, in addition to the traditional rugby and Cervezas La Sagra recently won a gold medal in the Czech Style Pale category at the World Beer Awards, with more than 50 types of beer from different countries.

Carlos García reinforced the action by wishing the clubs “good luck in sports and in the human field” before calling to “see each other on the field”.

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