CeNARD opened the door to a new swimming campus for the EDA program

Promoted throughout the country by the Sports Secretariat, there are 1,340 Argentine sports schools, of which 129 are dedicated to adaptive sports. And in the framework of sports camps, built by the National Directorate of Traditional Sports and Sports Promotion, a new concentration for deaf swimmers and swimmers with motor disabilities was carried out by CeNARD; At the behest of the national coach, Marcela Belviso, they trained for four days in two shifts, in addition to lectures on health care.

From Thursday the 25th to Saturday the 27th, the 14 young people held a meeting through the EDA program, and discussed psychology, dental prevention and nutrition to increase the number of girls and boys involved in sports and promote their development. And the personal coaches of each of them, together with the national coaches and the basin, reviewed and revised the plan for the rest of the year.

And this was the list of those invited to the SENRD campus: Manuel Molina, Bautista Sánchez, Delfina Villarreal and Felipe Gavan from the province of Córdoba; Lourdes Palma and Joaquin Vera from Rio Negro; Kevin Salazar, Matias Leguizamon, from Buenos Aires Province; and Tomas Astudillo, Leandro Soto, Santino Escalada, Alma Royman, Amber Roldan and Santino Insauralde, from the city of Buenos Aires.

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