Between Kyrgios and Kachanov: A fan was surprised when he cut his hair during the US Open duel | Sports

Nick Kyrgios had a unique moment in his loss to Karen Kachanov after a fan cut his hair in the middle of the match and the Australian lost and broke several rackets after the loss.

The last one The Grand Slam of the year, the US Openshowed. Various viral images During the championship. One of the surprises of the tournament is losing. Nadal against Tiafoehighlights of Murcia, Carlos Alcaraz And events in New York.

One of the most entertaining games in the stadium Arthur AsheIt was a battle between the oceans. Nick Kyrgios And Russian Karen KachanovWhere the latter Australian victory, who is angry with his performance and After the double ended, he put away the rackets.

A special situation in Arthur Ashe

However, it was not the only thing he called Attention In that commitment, some since Fans have found nothing better than cutting their hair with full dedication.Something that was recorded by the official broadcast cameras and went viral all over the world.

The courage Tennis fan He performed a special act in the year youtuber jisionIt is remembered. Banned from Wimbledon for lifeAfter touching Horn in the fight between Novak Djokovic and Jannik Siner.

Now his other The most surprising disappointment was cutting his hair in the second set and something that worried more than one fan in the second row. To racquet sports.

Daily actions GideonHe was made to leave the stadium by security before the end of the match.

This condition of cutting the hair is also in A nba duel Last season, in the match between Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks.

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