Between Hdalguense and SK Street – the tragic connection between El Sol de Hidalgo

Among the matches against clubs in the Third Professional Division on the fourth day, Club Hidalgounse salvaged a two-goal deficit against SK Street Soccer.

The encounter started with tactical orders from both elevens as neither wanted to stay on the scoreboard. There were some dangerous plays in both frames, but none turned on the lights.

With threads on the board, both teams went to the locker room; But when they returned to the main club Hidalgunce ground, both were determined to be leaders.

This situation led to defensive mistakes that opened up gaps for the offense to show their effectiveness.

Gradually, SK took advantage and in the last minutes the score was already 2-1 in their favor, and in front of the disappointment of the hometown, Tulancingo went forward with joy; However, they could not increase their lead and close the game.

A missed goal is a goal, the famous example says, and it happened in this match because Hidalguense got the equalizer in extra time, thanks to the SK goalkeeper’s header after a bad start, leaving the frame without a keeper, mistake, mistake. It was used to level the scoreboard.

Later, with adrenaline running high, the locals won 4-2 on penalties to take the extra point.

In another match between the men from Hidalgo, the University of Football and Sports Science beat Guerreros de la Plata 1-0.

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